If you notice your roof has experienced some damage, you might be wondering if you need to repair or replace it. While you likely are hoping you can simply take care of the problems without having to pay fora totally new roof, in some cases changing it is the best line of action you can take. If you can’t decide how you will manage your roofing’s problems, continue reading and see the situations where you need to replace instead of just repairing it.

Your Roof Is Getting Old

If you discovered there is a missing shingle or an issue on your roof that can be fixed, first you need to consider the age of that roof before going forward with the decision. A roof that is very old should be replaced instead of additional repairs to it. The lifespan of asphalt shingles is about 15 years while tiles made of clay or concrete can last up to 50 years. If your roof has lasted for this long, then you just need to replace it. You can get a better assessment of roof from a certified roofing contractor from Denver.

The Damage Is Spreading

It is not easy to know of the condition your roof is in by just looking from the outside. However, having a missing shingle or damaged tile could be an indication that there are a big problem with your roof that cannot be seen easily. In case of water discoloration of your ceiling or find signs of wood rot or mold growth in your attic then you need to have roofing experts replace that roof.

You Want To Sell Your Home

If the roof in your home is old, then this will likely scare potential buyers away. In order to increase the value of your home in case you want to sell it, you need to convince the buyers that you have been taking good care of it and replacing your old roof will be a good decision. Replace the roof if there has been a severe issue of the lifespan of the materials has reached the end before putting the property on the market.


Call A Professional!

Whether you choose to have a roof replacement or just a normal roof repair, working with roofing experts in Denver is always the best decision. This way you have a guarantee that nothing bad is going to happen to your property. Contact Denver Roofing Inc today on (303) 848-8593 and book an appointment for a roof inspection.