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10-TPO_Roof_-300x225Denver Roofing Inc. offers repair, maintenance, and estimates on roofing and re-roofing for commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings. This is because we are licensed as residential, commercial, and industrial contractors. We only work with the industry’s top roofing manufacturers and commercial roofing systems. In this way we can deliver top quality and affordability for your business, and offer all the professional know-how and expert advise you could ever want. We’ve long been in the business of commercial roofing, and we’re here to service the entire Denver metro area with our range of top commercial roofing solutions.

Metal Roofing in Denver

There are a lot of options in commercial roofing, and metal roofing is one of the most popular. It is resilient, long lasting, looks the part and also commonly lasts 2-3 times longer than any type of asphalt based roofing system. It can be installed on reduced or steep-sloped roof coverings as well as comes in a range of colors and designs. One great aspect of metal roofing system options is they are extremely immune to the components. A metal roof has a few fundamental components that need to be taken into consideration for a successful installment. As soon as developed and mounted properly, it will offer a roof covering surface that will produce years of superb service. Additional benefits consist of a metal roof’s specific wind resistance commitments. The roof covering also has to have the capability to continue to be in position to supply this safe and secure protection.

Denver Commercial TPO Roof

TPO is widely known because of its strength, how easy it is to install, and longevity. It can be heat-welded throughout installment due to the material’s thermoplasticity, which is a substantial benefit because joints are normally the weakest part of a roofing system. As a matter of fact, TPO seams are thought to be 3-4 times more powerful than EPDM systems and 6 times more powerful compared to systems that utilize glue seams or tape systems! They are resistant to chemicals, succeed in high heat, are versatile in cold temperature levels, as well as are typically fairly inexpensive. With proper setup as well as upkeep, TPO systems last anywhere from 10-20 years. TPO is also eco-friendly!

No plasticizers are involved in TPO roof, and the roofing won’t degrade under UV radiation. The roofing can be found in white, which reflects warmth, aiding the structure remaining awesome. The roof covering could likewise be created from some recycled products! TPO is the excellent option for your “environment-friendly” building.

Like all roofs, nevertheless, there are some disadvantages to TPO. Most of its imperfections center around how new the system is. It doesn’t have the time-tested, trusted credibility, which various other systems could flaunt around. Remember that the toughness of any type of roofing (TPO especially) depends virtually completely on the quality of the installation. If you pick a trusted roofing contractor as well as deal with your roofing with yearly maintenance checks, you shouldn’t have any problems with a TPO roofing system.

Modified Bitumen Roof Specialists Denver

There are a range of surfacing alternatives for modified roof coverings including factory applied mineral surface areas, crushed rock surfaces, smooth surfaces, as well as “cool roof” coatings, which are extremely reflective layers that can help save on cooling expenses. Modified Bitumen (MB) roofing is an asphalt-based system, and is very closely pertaining to the Built-up-Roof (BUR), which is made for buildings with low-slope or “flat” roof structures. The modified asphalt is enhanced with a polyester floor covering as well as manufactured right into a roll item. These membrane layers have added asphalt on the rear end, which permits it to stick to the substratum through application approaches like warmth bonded or torch used.

Torch Applied – The modified membrane layer is applied using an open flame torch to melt the bottom side of the sheet as it is being placed on your roofing system.

Heat Welding – The welder is utilized to press out warm air, which assists in fusing the rear end of the membrane to the substrate. This technique is safer than torch applied, as it is less of a fire danger.

Hot Asphalt application – Hot Asphalt is placed on the felts or substratum with a mop or a device and afterwards the membrane is laid over the hot asphalt. The warm asphalt serves as the glue as well as makes the membrane layer adhere to the substrate.

Cold Adhesive – The modified membrane is embedded in a cold procedure using particularly formulated asphalt-based adhesives as it is being used.

Self Stuck – The bottom surface area of the membrane is covered with a glue and launch paper. Once the paper is removed the sticky enables the membrane layer to follow the substratum without the use of additional adhesives.

EPDM Membrane Layer Rubber Roof Covering

A roofing that is nearly level or simply a little pitched for water-funneling purposes is called a low-slope roof. No roofing ought to be truly “level” – though it may show up in this way from your house. Every roof needs to have an intentionally developed slight incline for water drainage. Usually low slope roofing is utilized in industrial structures. Problems could take place and are normally harder to detect given that the leakage area is frequently not straight located where the water is appearing inside the building. The roof covering ought to have NO locations of standing water. Standing water on a roof covering could be triggered by drooping or rotted roof outdoor decking or an incorrect drain style.

EPDM is lightweight as well as adaptable, and it is an ideal second generation (roof-recover) choice. Made from ingredients stemmed from oil as well as natural gas, EPDM could be totally stuck, mechanically affixed or ballasted with seams secured making use of a fluid adhesive or specialty tape.

EPDM membrane layers additionally have the capacity to deal with specific energy cost needs. This system has the tendency to have reduced lasting upkeep expenses with a regular preventative maintenance program.

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When you choose to work with Denver Roofing Inc., you are choosing from a variety of proven top of the line reliable roofing systems, chosen from the best manufacturers. They will all be appropriate to meet your needs and can be customized to your particular building needs as well as your budget. This includes:


You can rest assured that our experience and acquired expertise allows us to install roofs of any size that will outlast the extreme conditions that can occur in the Denver climate – when choosing the appropriate commercial roofing solution, you must take into account hail, sleet, ice, and extreme wintery temperatures. We build and install for lasting quality, and are the premier commercial roofing company around.

All of our commercial roofing experts are long-term employees who have undergone extensive and continued training in their fields of expertise.

They are licensed and certified professionals and can install the highest quality & best commercial roofing systems from the most respected commercial roofing companies and suppliers such as:

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