Popular as a protruding window, a bow window is a window set comprised of separate glass panes. What differentiates a bow window from a bay window is that the bow window protrudes from the house in a curved manner while the bay window forms angles between glass panes.

Your bow window needs replacement windows when it starts showing signs of aging. A damaged window, besides adding a terrible look to the property, serves as a path for water and other liquids to enter the wall, causing damage to the material and the look of the property.

Removing the Old Window

Once you have a window replacement, you can start taking out your old bow window. Before you start, look out for visible screws or fixings, and take them out.
Employ the use of a ply bar to lift the frame which holds the bow window. Once the frame is lifted out of the wall, the glass can be removed.
With the glass out, you’ll be able to notice the presence of scars, scratches, or damages to the surrounding wall. Make sure to fix these before proceeding further.
If, for some reason, you cannot proceed further with the window replacement and fix the new bow window, using a tarp can help you cover the hole temporarily, while you call for help with installing your replacement windows.

Add the New Replacement Window

During the purchase of replacement windows, make sure to have chosen the correct size and type to match your bow window set. If you have made a mistake in purchase, you will have to adjust the size of the hole by making it bigger or smaller with the help of the frame.
Place the window back where the old bow window was. Then you can use the supplied screws and fixings to secure it. Most windows are screwed into place, but this can change, depending on the material.
When the window is finally in place, it needs to be glazed. Then use the tools required to fix the glass perfectly in the frame. If the window frame is of UPVC, snap the plastic trim to secure the glass around the frame edge.

Final Touches for Your Window Replacement

By properly flashing the open space on the outside around the window, seeping and leakage of water can be prevented. Also, the exterior finish can be replaced.
To increase your home’s energy efficiency, make sure that all the gaps in the new window frame are filled by caulking.

Professional Window Replacement in Denver, CO

If you are getting replacement windows, it’s always recommended that you consult with professionals, or even have them handle the job for you. We serve Denver, CO with great window replacement products and services.


(Image and excerpt from “How to Replace a Bow Window”)