Whether you are looking to update your home’s appearance, or reduce your carbon footprint (and energy bill), installing replacement doors and windows is a great place to start.

Going Green

One of the most important global topics today is the environment, and our carbon footprints. Energy efficient replacement windows and doors will save more energy than the sum total of:

  • Using ceiling fans
  • Recycling
  • Using CFL light bulbs

Lowering Energy Costs

By lowering the energy used in heating or cooling your home, you will also be lowering the amount that you pay for your energy bills. You can expect your heating and cooling to account for anywhere from 50 to 75 percent of your energy costs. You can also expect that replacement doors and windows will lower your heating and cooling costs by up to 35%.

Having entry door replacement and replacing your windows won’t pay for itself immediately, but people that have entry door replacement, and replace all windows, particularly aluminum-framed patio windows, with energy efficient vinyl, wood, or fibreglass windows, save up to $600 annually, and they will pay for themselves eventually.

The Comfort Zone

When your home has older patio windows, and drafty doorways, there are going to be hot and cold spots. People may find themselves constantly changing their thermostat, depending upon which room they want to sit in, or having to completely avoid a certain area, when the weather is extreme.

Replacing those older patio windows, and having an entry door replacement, will remove the drafty, changeable nature of the weather in your home. You will notice the difference in comfort almost immediately.

Safe, Secure, and Sound Resistant

Getting energy-efficient, high-security replacement windows and doors for your window and entry door replacement in Denver will improve your home’s security, decreasing the likelihood that you will have a break-in. When you have a family, in particular, this is an important factor to consider. Not only will your home be safe from break-ins, you will be securing your home’s interior from non-human intruders, including all kinds of bugs.
You will also notice a strong reduction in the intrusive background noises that you hear from the street, after replacing your patio windows, other windows, and entry doors.

Professionally Installed Replacement Doors and Windows Look Great

If you are looking to update the look of your home’s exterior, you won’t find an easier way, than by having a professional windows company replace your entry doors and patio windows.

(Image and excerpt from “9 Reasons to Replace Your Windows”)