There are different types of replacement windows available on the market. You will find windows of different shapes, styles and colors. Their construction types may also be different. So you need to the basic techniques of installing replacement windows to do it rightly. Windows are generally made of wood, vinyl, or aluminum, and installation instructions of each manufacturer will be different from others. But the installation process has some basic steps which you should learn before doing the replacement window installation on your own.


Preparing for Window Replacement

Pre-hung windows come complete with finished frames. They can be inserted in one piece into the rough opening left by the old window. Measurement is very important for window installation—you must take the measurement accurately so the new window fits in the frame. You won’t get the replacement window just after you place an order for it. It is not wise to replace the existing windows before the new windows are in hand. You’ll end up with a big hole in your house and practically no cover for it.

With the right plan and equipment, the task of window replacement is fairly simple. It is generally a good idea get some help when you are working above the first floor. We provide professional window replacement services with insured service providers to ensure that your work is done right and on time. You need to collect some tools before you start the installation work. You will need:

  • Hammer
  • Drill
  • Nail set
  • Drip edge
  • Casing nails

Replacing Your Windows

Now about the steps of window replacement task. First of all you have to replace the existing window from the wall surface. The window should be plumb and level, and adjust the shims if necessary. Then you need to cut the siding along the outline, for that you can use a circular saw adjusted so the blade depth equals the thickness. Most windows will either have a piece of molding, called brick mold, around the outside. Apply a continuous bead of caulking around the opening if it has brick mold.

An elegant, gently arched bow window can make your home feel bigger, brighter, and bring the beauty from the outdoors inside. Adding a window seat to your bow window can be a quick and easy room addition. Bow window offers an easy way to expand your views and open up a room.

Professional Window Installation

Windows are important for the security, appearance, and energy efficiency of your home. Choose the right replacement window for your home. You can always consult with our professionals regarding replacement windows installation. We provide replacement window installation service with expert technicians in Denver, CO. Our technicians are expert and have the right equipment to provide you effective service. Contact use today if you can’t do the replacement work on your own, we are always there to help you.

(Image and excerpt from “Window Installation and Window Replacement”)