Residential Tile Roofing Denver Colorado

tile-roofEvery roof on this planet varies in style and in design which the homeowner desires for their holy abode. Thus emerges the need to quench this desire from a wide variety of tiling choices.

This very vision of every homeowner is what drives Denver Roofers Inc. to choose for every home the best from the two most common types of residential tile roofing systems: Concrete Tile and Clay Tile

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Recommended Styles of Residential Tile Roofing

We work with the best vendors in the industry to deliver the best styles in Roof Shingles solutions.

Concrete Tile by:

  • Hanson
  • Monier
  • Mextile

Clay Tile by:

  • Claymex US Tile
  • Specialty/Salvaged Tile and Slate by:
  • The Roof Tile & Slate Company

Clay tiles are known to hold their color over a long period of time and are cherished for its rich earthy tones available in shades of red and orange. Glazing and un-glazing techniques can also be used to enhance their aesthetic value further.

On the other hand, concrete tiles derive their extensive variety of colors and shades from embedded pigments or dyes.

The Environmental friendly clay tiles are shaped from earth in the form of Small Barrel, Large Barrel and Flat tiles which is then baked in a kiln to remove moisture and to attain strength.
Concrete tile are manufactured from extruded Portland cement, lime, sand and water to give it the “S” shape and also the barrel and flat shape. Further, pigments are embedded to instill different colors and designs.


Though not as popular here in Colorado, a tiled roof adds a touch of the old country to your home and gives a warm ambiance to its exteriors. For more information on your exclusive tiled roof solutions, call our experts today at Denver Roofers Inc.

Our team of experienced professionals is always ready to offer you the best of consultation and advice to ensure that you understand the pros and cons of different types of roofing systems accurately before a choice is made.

We’re confident that our committed and responsive services will assist you in zeroing-in on the best roofing solutions for your dream home, whether it’s residential tile roofing or any other type of roofing altogether. Contact Denver’s Best Residential Tile Roofing Experts for a consultation today!