Denver Residential Roof Shingles

9-wood-shingle-roofRoof shingles are a type of roof covering composed of individual overlapping elements. These elements are flat and rectangular in shape, laid on the roof in rows starting from the bottom edge of the roof upwards. Each of the successive higher rows overlaps the joints in the row right below it.

For residential properties, Asphalt shingles are widely used and are also the popular choice among customers for their home construction and renovation needs. This is owing to the fact that asphalt shingles are economical, trendy and provide a greater durability compared to other roofing material options available in the market.

One should take into account that the cost of any roof covering project is usually determined by the geographical location of the property, the slope of the roof, height of the building, as well as ease of access to the premises.

The other factors include complexity of the project and the most importantly the choice between the two types of roofing asphalt shingles; Organic and Fiberglass or Glass Fiber.

Organic shingles are a combination of paper (waste paper) saturated with asphalt to make it waterproof. This is then coated with a layer of adhesive asphalt followed by embedding with ceramic granules for durability and strength.

Roof Shingles – Colors and Styles:

20-25 Year, 3-Tab Roof Shingles:

  • Tamko (20 year Manufacture’s Warranty)
  • Tamko (25 year Manufacturer’s Warranty)
  • GAF/ELK (25 year Manufacturer’s Warranty)

3-Tab roof shingles hold up to winds of 110 and 150 mph, have a class A fire rating (the highest possible), and they maintain their color longer than average shingles.

30 Year Roof Shingles:

  • Tamko
  • GAF/ELK (High Definition)
  • Natural Shadow

40 Year Roof Shingles:

  • High Definition Cool Colors
  • High Definition Grande


Asphalt shingles can be an excellent alternative for a fast, economic repair work, but it is important to recognize the advantages and disadvantages of using this product.


  • Easy to Set up
  • Economic Alternative
  • Reasonably huge life-span
  • A wide variety of colors to choose from
  • Could be recycled


  • Can decay with abrupt climate changes
  • If possible stay clear of installing them in extreme cold weather
  • Wind could impact as well as produce uplift upon the shingles
  • Attic air flow troubles could lower the shingles’ life.
  • Not high, upkeep is called for. It is advised to have routine upkeep routines
  • They are not an eco-friendly product as they are constructed out of oil spin-offs

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