Residential Tile Roofing Denver Colorado

tile-roofEvery roof on this planet varies in style and in design which the homeowner desires for their holy abode. Thus emerges the need to quench this desire from a wide variety of tiling choices.

This very vision of every homeowner is what drives Denver Roofing Inc. to choose for every home the best from the two most common types of residential tile roofing systems: Concrete Tile and Clay Tile

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Colours & Styles of Tile Roofing

We work with the best vendors in the industry to deliver the best styles in Roof Shingles solutions.

Concrete Tile by:

  • Hanson
  • Monier
  • Mextile

Clay Tile by:

  • Claymex US Tile
  • Specialty/Salvaged Tile and Slate by:
  • The Roof Tile & Slate Company

Clay tiles are known to hold their color over a long period of time and are cherished for its rich earthy tones available in shades of red and orange. Glazing and un-glazing techniques can also be used to enhance their aesthetic value further.

On the other hand, concrete tiles derive their extensive variety of colors and shades from embedded pigments or dyes.

The Environmental friendly clay tiles are shaped from earth in the form of Small Barrel, Large Barrel and Flat tiles which is then baked in a kiln to remove moisture and to attain strength.
Concrete tile are manufactured from extruded Portland cement, lime, sand and water to give it the “S” shape and also the barrel and flat shape. Further, pigments are embedded to instill different colors and designs.

When you take into consideration that a concrete ceramic tile roof covering will last for the life of the structure, the complete life-cycle expense of the roof is rather affordable when compared to other roof covering products. With regular upkeep, the inconvenience and cost of reroofing is minimized. According to a 2007 research study from the National Association of House Builders, concrete tile is one of only three roof materials that will last a lifetime. The other two are clay tile and copper– both prohibitively costly when compared to concrete ceramic tile.

Our options of designs and colors is unparalleled by any other tile roof producer. This variety enables homeowners, designers, roofing contractors as well as building contractors the capacity to discover the best shape as well as mix for any provided architecture. Our products are made to emulate wood shake, clay and slate — but are far more budget-friendly options. Our colors have been developed by specialists with a good sense of visual appeal and understanding patterns in outside surfaces. Whether you’re searching for lively blends or even more naturalistic tones, we have everything to satisfy your tile roof covering needs.

Tile roofing is normally subjected to the worst conditions that nature can supply. The mix of elements that ruin most other roofing system coverings, however, will not seriously impact the protective properties of tile roofing. Gradually, the surface area of any type of product left neglected will certainly reveal indications of aging, and tile roofs are no exemption.

Roof tiles are generally colored by either including pigment right into the body of the tile (through color) or by using concentrated slurry layer of cement-infused pigment to the top surface area following extrusion and creating. Slurry-coated tiles are generally chosen when high contrast, bright colors are preferred while color-through tiles supply a more subtle experience. Slurry-coated tile can oxidize and turn chalky before gradually wearing down to the concrete base. The through color tile, on the other hand, might experience some surface area lightening, but will preserve its base color indefinitely. This lightening can be the result of surface disintegration that basically reveals the grains of aggregate.

When our roof tiles are manufactured, colored cement will be attracted to the surface of the tile, resulting in the preliminary color shade. This layer is slightly softer than the body of the tile and will normally wear down within the first 10 years, depending upon the environment. This disintegration will expose a bigger percentage of the sand and aggregate causing an overall lightening of shade. After first adjustment, future erosion happens at a considerably slower pace and also will certainly not jeopardize the functionality of the tile. Routine cleaning as well as resealing can renew and also lengthen the surface finish of roof tiles.


Though not as popular here in Colorado, a tiled roof adds a touch of the old country to your home and gives a warm ambiance to its exteriors. For more information on your exclusive tiled roof solutions, call our experts today at Denver Roofing Inc.

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