Types of Wood Roofing Systems

If you’re searching for a roof replacement material that is traditional and looks terrific over time, take into consideration wood shakes or wood shingles. Although lots of people think they coincide, wood shingles are sawn from wood blocks. They are tapered and have a reasonably smooth surface. Shakes are divided from timber blocks. They are less uniform in density than roof shingles, are occasionally grooved and also often have little taper. Shakes might be divided, then sawn to offer taper along with a fairly flat side, which is turned away from the weather condition during installment.

Shingles and shakes made of wood have actually been a preferred selection for protecting homes for centuries. Today, house owners choose wood roofing for a selection of reasons, consisting of accomplishing a typical look, a need to use natural materials or for historical precision. We have years of experience in the specialized procedure of setting up, preserving as well as Denver wood roofing repair. Right here are more advantages of this roof covering material.

– Natural beauty

– Lengthy life span

– Immune to strong winds, impact and also pests

– As much as 2 times much more protecting than asphalt shingles

– Environment-friendly.

Qualities of Denver Wood Roofs

Wood roofs are an extremely conventional option. They have a lengthy background of usage, and they could be a more economical roof solution.

– Aesthetic appeal: Wood roofs have a natural appearance as a result of their similarly natural products. Due to the fact that these trembles are made from real timber, no two roofing systems are alike.

– Energy-Efficiency: Timber acts as a natural insulator for homes and attics. The little openings function as circulation vents that help the within the residence keep fresh.

– Resilience: Many wood roofs are pressure-treated to boost fire resistance, and the process likewise expands the life of the roof.

– Options: Roofs could be made from several types of wood, consisting of cedar, redwood, as well as rock elm.

We complete wood roof installations with cautious attention to workmanship as well as treatment. Proper installation is important to help ensure the durability of a wood roofing system.

Fire Retardant Treated Wood Roofing

Fire retardant cedar shakes and shingles can be used as an affordable and efficient alternative in many areas where the building code requires flame-resistant wood roofing materials. Especially in recent years, Colorado’s summers have seen significant risk of wildfires, and if you’re looking for the best solution for your residential wood roofing, fire retardant treated residential wood roofing is an excellent choice. There are three different classes for fire treatment roofing systems, be sure to inquire further as to the choices available to you as you research the different residential wood roofing options best for you.



Cedar shakes and shingles are the most durable wood roofing materials available on the market today. Western Red Cedar’s natural ability to flex allows it to withstand some of the harshest weather conditions in the world, and is extremely effective in heavily affected areas such as Oregon, British Columbia, and Alaska. That includes the high winds and extreme weather often seen here in Colorado.

Wind tests, conducted by the shake and shingle association, stated that cedar wood roofing materials can withstand winds up to 130mph!

Insulation Value

Due to cedar’s natural high “R” rating (resilience to heat conductivity) your home will be cooler in the hottest summer, saving you money on your energy bill. Cedar can also withstand freezing temperatures and will keep your home warm and dry in the winter. So you are guaranteed low energy bills due to the insulation value from the cedar wood roofing system, proving their efficiency as well as affordability.


Factory pressure impregnated treatment can extend the longevity of a wood roofing system as well. The treatment methods using preservatives can help protect the roof from fungal decay over time, and with the right treatment, there’s no reason to worry about moisture or mildew setting in and causing rot or warping. Material warranties on the residential wood roofing treatments are available from the treatment manufacturers, and you should always ask about the options available to you.

Best Wood Roof Replacement Options

The first suggestion we give our clients is to choose a resilient material. Since one of one of the most essential factors of your roofing system is sturdiness, you want a wood that is immune to decay. Western red cedar is rated as incredibly durable as well as one of the most frequently utilized timbers for shakes and shingles. Another preferred roof replacement option is dealt with southern yellow pine.

When you pick your wood shake or shingles, select the top grade of roof shingles produced with edge-grained heartwood or treated sapwood. A good roofing company will apply the appropriate coating like a semi-transparent penetrating oil-based stains or a water-repellent preservative. This will help shield your Denver wood roof covering and maintain it looking terrific for years to come. A protective finishing product for your wood roofing system is included in your wood roof replacement price quote.

What kind of upkeep does a wood roofing system call for?

While wood does have some all-natural resistance to unwelcomed guests, regular washing/cleaning will certainly ensure that mold, mildew, and moss do not take hold on your roofing. It’s also a good idea to visually examine the roof throughout cleanings to earn sure there isn’t particles accumulating on top of it. Denver Roofing Inc. provides safe roof covering washing, so let us do the dirty work for you!