With the passage of time, the roof of your house develops leaks due to cracked or missing shingles. Although you may need experts to repair your roof leaks and other roofing problems, you can fix some minor roof leaks and repair broken shingles all by yourself. In this article, Popular Mechanics discusses some useful roof repair tips for the  roofing of your home.

Locating the Roof Leak:
Assessing the roof leak is one of the most difficult steps to roof repair. You can locate the minor roof leaks, like single cracked shingle easily and you can handle it yourself using some basic tools. But if you are unable to locate the source due to multiple leaks or the roof repair you do does not hold well, then you should call an expert. If you are living in Denver, CO or nearby areas, our roofing experts can help you out in such roof repair works.

Repairing Shingles:
The shingles on your roof might get damaged due to a bad storm. You can fix it yourself with little effort to prevent any further damage to the roof. For this purpose, you will need a tube of roofing material and aluminum reinforced flashing tape. Cut a piece of the flashing tape that is about 1 inch narrower than the broken bar and extends about 4 inches under the shingle bars. Carefully detach the damaged bar and replace it and then apply two to three thick layers of the cement to cover the shingle underneath it.

Replacing Wooden Shingles:
If some of the wooden shingles of your roof get damaged, then you can also replace them with little experience. Each damaged shingle can be replaced by yanking them out with the help of pliers. A hammer and chisel can be used to speed up the process by splitting the broken wooden shingle into pieces first. A new shingle is hammered into the place of the old shingle and the surface is leveled by applying the roofing material.

Safety Precautions During Roof Repair
While repairing the broken leaks and shingles of the roof, you have to follow some safety measures to avoid any injury to yourself. Some adequate safety measures are:

* Make sure that before you go out for roof repair work, the roof is not wet or slippery, since it can be very dangerous to work on it.

* Look out for the weather before you go out for roof repair. Avoid working in rainy weather, since it will not be safe.

* Safety ropes and a ladder framework should be used for steep roofing structures.

* Wear rubber-soled shoes for safety on the roof track.

* Extreme care should be taken of the power lines passing over the roof during roof repair.

* Avoid stepping over the damaged shingles. It can cause further damage to the rest of the roofing material.