Even though there are many professional roofers in the Denver, CO area, there are times when people may want to consider taking on their own roof repair. It is relatively easy to repair your own roof with just a little knowledge.

Safety First
As the Fix-it Club notes, the first step in all roof repairs is to assess the damage. In order to do this, you need to climb onto the roof. In all instances, a ladder that is tall enough to reach the roof is an important piece of equipment. A ladder that is too short can be dangerous as it requires you to climb using a drain-pipe or the wall. Secondly, it is important to have at least one person at the foot of the ladder ensuring it does not fall, leaving you stranded on the roof.

If you feel as though the roof is too steep, too damaged or wet, then the repair job is something that is best left to roofing professionals. It is also important not to step out onto the roof if you feel you may slip or fall.

Assessing the Damage
As long as the damage to your roof is less than 5 feet by 5 feet, then you can safely make a short term repair. Any damage that is bigger than this should be left to a professional roofer.

Once you know how big the repair job is, there is a need to assess the method you are going to use to fix it. There are two methods that can be used to fix damaged roofs. The first method is effective in the short term by afixing spray foam. The second method to use is to cover the hole with plywood.

The Fixing Spray Method
The right kind of fixing spray to use on roofs is one that mixes with the moisture found in a leaking roof. It works by forming an airtight seal. Once you have applied the spray, you can finish repairing your roof by using the plywood method described below.

The Plywood Method
You need to purchase a piece of thin plywood that is big enough to cover the hole and provide an extra foot around the whole. As long as the plywood is thin enough, this can be stuck under some of the existing roof tiles. Once you have placed the plywood over the hole, all you need to do is to nail it into place.

No Tarp
Many people will be tempted to use a tarp to cover any holes in the roof. However, there are a few good reasons why this is not such a good idea. The first reason is that using a tarp can be difficult in windy conditions and nailing it down is hard work. The second reason why a tarp is not a good idea is because it does not last for long. Tarps will rip easily and the hole will need fixing all over again.

If you need help with your roof repair, give us a call for the most professional roofing experts in the Denver area.

(Image and excerpt from “How to Repair a Leaky Roof”)