Mile High Roof Replacement Denver

Ever watch an exciting segment on TV or online with the cautionary line: Don’t try this at home? It’s like that with roof replacement. It will be tempting to think about doing it yourself when you start pricing roofers. The typical roof these days can run upwards of $11,000 and rising.

Roof replacement Denver requires hiring safety-minded experienced professionals. Roofing is one of the most dangerous professions, even with many using harness systems these days. Though, roofing is tough on the body, and requires a good degree of skill and courage.

Add to the mix that the whole exterior of a house is not just about curb appeal. It’s the only material separating your biggest financial investment and mother nature. Long cold winters, snow, and rain are no match for a shoddy roof installed poorly.

Worse is that roofing materials may hold water, or allow a little bit to slip between walls or into ceilings where they go unnoticed for a while. At some point, water stains, bubbling paint, and mold may rear their ugly head. If you think roofing is costly, then you may want to contact a mold and water remediation service along with a homeowners insurance company. Make a claim, and life quickly gets expensive.

Finding the best roof replacement Denver professionals is essential. To get the best, look  for experience and at their track record of satisfied homeowners as well. They should be licensed and have proper insurance. By this point, you will probably be able to cut the list of good roofers down significantly.

From there, have a handful of them come by to prepare estimates. This will help determine what roofer to hire, and give a good idea of how much the other roofers might also charge.

Fees Involved In Roofing

Someone has to come out to inspect the roof situation, to determine whether replacement is necessary now, or if there is still time to wait. From there, the roofing contractor will estimate how much time it will take to remove the old materials, dump them, buy new materials, and how long it will take. All of that together makes up the cost of replacing a roof.

The removal costs are approximately 150 dollars per square foot. In addition, if there are multiple layers of roofing, as happens when new roof is laid over old roof, it costs more to remove the roofing materials. Do not be surprised if the estimate comes back closer to $165 to $175 if there are multiple layers of roofing to be removed.

Roofing materials are more diverse than ever. Most in the United States still use asphalt shingles. It’s with good reason. They are comparatively affordable and are fairly simple to replace and allow for easy access to make roof repairs when needed. Compare costs, reputation, and make sure you get the right materials for the job. Buying a new roof is a great investment in the home that will protect it for years to come.