Mile High Roof Replacement Denver

Ever watch an exciting segment on TV or online with the cautionary line: Don’t try this at home? It’s like that with roof replacement. It will be tempting to think about doing it yourself when you start pricing roofers. The typical roof these days can run upwards of $11,000 and rising.

Roof replacement Denver requires hiring safety-minded experienced professionals. Roofing is one of the most dangerous professions, even with many using harness systems these days. Though, roofing is tough on the body, and requires a good degree of skill and courage.

Add to the mix that the whole exterior of a house is not just about curb appeal. It’s the only material separating your biggest financial investment and mother nature. Long cold winters, snow, and rain are no match for a shoddy roof installed poorly.

Worse is that roofing materials may hold water, or allow a little bit to slip between walls or into ceilings where they go unnoticed for a while. At some point, water stains, bubbling paint, and mold may rear their ugly head. If you think roofing is costly, then you may want to contact a mold and water remediation service along with a homeowners insurance company. Make a claim, and life quickly gets expensive.

Finding the best roof replacement Denver professionals is essential. To get the best, look  for experience and at their track record of satisfied homeowners as well. They should be licensed and have proper insurance. By this point, you will probably be able to cut the list of good roofers down significantly.

From there, have a handful of them come by to prepare estimates. This will help determine what roofer to hire, and give a good idea of how much the other roofers might also charge.

Fees Involved In Roofing

Someone has to come out to inspect the roof situation, to determine whether replacement is necessary now, or if there is still time to wait. From there, the roofing contractor will estimate how much time it will take to remove the old materials, dump them, buy new materials, and how long it will take. All of that together makes up the cost of replacing a roof.

The removal costs are approximately 150 dollars per square foot. In addition, if there are multiple layers of roofing, as happens when new roof is laid over old roof, it costs more to remove the roofing materials. Do not be surprised if the estimate comes back closer to $165 to $175 if there are multiple layers of roofing to be removed.

Roofing materials are more diverse than ever. Most in the United States still use asphalt shingles. It’s with good reason. They are comparatively affordable and are fairly simple to replace and allow for easy access to make roof repairs when needed. Compare costs, reputation, and make sure you get the right materials for the job. Buying a new roof is a great investment in the home that will protect it for years to come.

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Locating A Great Roofing Company

There are likely a lot of roofing companies in your area. However, to find the best ones, you need to do your research. Roofing work is a specialty; you don’t want to get just anybody up there to help you with your home. As you look for a roofing expert, keep the following tips in mind.

1. Look At Reviews

There are going to be good roofing contractors near you and there are going to be individuals that you want to stay away from. There is an easy way to figure out who is who; simply use the Internet to pull up customer reviews and see what other people have to say. A lot of good reviews is a good sign. A lot of bad reviews should raise a red flag; you may just want to move on from that person, particularly if you have several other names on your list.

2. Consider The Materials

You do not want to work with a roofing company unless they can offer the type of material that you want for your home. It can be difficult to decide what you want to use; for example, both asphalt and metal are materials that you can choose from. Before you make a rash decision, do your research to figure out what is best. Some materials might be better for your climate or your type of home than others. Once you have conducted your own research, speak to a roofer and discuss your choices with him or her to see if they can offer an educated opinion to you.

3. Think About Staying Away

Depending on what you need to have done, your roofer might be at your property for quite a while. If that is the case at your home, consider staying at a hotel for a few days to get away from the noise. This is particularly beneficial if you work from home or are at home a lot. If you have a job and go into an office, it may not be as much of an inconvenience for you to have the roofers at your home during the day. Get an estimate as to when the job will be completed and make your decision based on that. If you plan to stay away, make sure the roofing company can contact you with questions or concerns.

4. Go With Experience

A lot of roofers can talk a good game. They might sound like they know what they are doing, but then you hire them and find out they really don’t know a lot at all. Pick someone that has been in the business for a while. Chances are, that individual has come across a wide variety of situations and is well equipped to work on your home. If you have trouble choosing between a few different people, look for the roofer that displays a lot of confidence in himself and his team.

Not all roofing companies were created equal; some are great and others are terrible. It is hard to know the difference at first, but good research can help you. Don’t be afraid to walk away from a company if you have concerns, either.

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How To Find The Best Roofing Contractors

Putting a new roof on your home is a huge job that requires specialized tools and equipment. While there are some homeowners that could be up to the challenge, it’s really a job best done by professionals for a lot of different reasons. Even if you have some of the tools, half the knowledge, and some friends to help out, it still could be dangerous to proceed on your own.


Roofing Companies Have Insurance, Licenses and Bonding


These are all very necessary for all contractors working on your home, especially roofers, for a variety of reasons. For one, if a worker lets go of a hammer or other tool and it slides down the roof and sails through the air breaking a car window, who’s going to pay? If the roofer doesn’t pay, his insurance company will, that’s why he’s required to have it.

There are a thousand other scenarios involving ladders falling, broken windows, chimneys collapsing, employee theft from the home, even employees sliding off the roof and getting hurt. The roofing contractor is liable for all these mishaps and more. However, when the homeowner chooses to re-roof his own home, he won’t be covered and neither will his buddies that come over to help. If one of them falls off of the roof, the homeowner could be sued for negligence and lose in court.

The insurance, license, and bonding are all the ways that keep the contractor from causing harm to their customers and it’s why those regulations are in place. You’ll always want to know if the contractor you’re dealing with is properly covered before they start work. As you search for roofing contractors you should find that their credentials are prominently displayed on their websites. If not, ask to see them before you sign any contracts.


You Should Get A List Of Roofing Contractors From Friends And Neighbors


Once you have a long list of recommended contractors then you should go online and read some of their reviews. Most will have good or excellent customer reviews, those that don’t you should eliminate from your list. Any that aren’t on the Internet or don’t have reviews should also be passed by. This is to prevent poor contractors with bad reviews from changing their name to run from their bad service records.

You should also insist on a written estimate when the representative arrives to look at your roof. On the estimate should be their warranty and what is covered so read it carefully and don’t rely just on what the salesman says. After you accept the price and terms, you should be given a written contract signed by both you and the company representative to make it legal. This is binding, so if they try to charge more, don’t finish the job, or have some other problems, this is your proof of what was ordered, for how much, and by what time.

If you’re replacing a roof, it may be the last one you ever have to do if you choose the materials wisely. For that reason, it’s important to have it installed correctly and with care so that you never have to re-roof your house again for the rest of your life.


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Hiring the Right Roofing Company

Asking your friends and family about reputable roofing companies or contractors with reliable roofing services in Denver, CO is a good way to learn about your roofing company options. However, picking the best among the candidates is the harder part. Here are some tips to help you decide which one to hire.


Locate and Research the Roofing Company

Make sure the company has a permanent and established headquarters or office. It should also have a tax ID, phone number, email address and business license.

Paying a visit to their website allows you to have a background on its services. You can see whether they offer roof repairs or not, or whichever service you need.

Check for customer complaints through the Better Business Bureau. You can also directly request for the customers’ testimonials and references. This allows you to ask the company’s past customers if they completed their roofing job well.

If the company has been in the roofing business for quite a while, then most likely they are an established company with a good experience and understanding of the roofing systems.

Research Your Best Candidates

Professional roofing contractors should always bring copies of their workers’ compensation papers and liability insurance, and you have every right to ask to see that they are properly insured. When deciding, remember that price does not always equal quality, and it’s always best to get your roofing and roof repair services only from licensed contractors. Most likely you will spend quite an amount of money for your roof, so make sure you understand everything that is written in the estimate.

  • Request a copy of their liability insurance
  • Get quotes from all your candidates
  • Clarify what is written estimate
  • Hire a contractor that offers warranties

You don’t want to pay for costly roof repairs after you have spent so much on your new roof. The best thing to do is to hire a company whose services include a full warranty. Keep the copy of the warranty in case you will need it.

Hiring a Professional Roofing Company

When hiring a roofing company, ask questions until you’re satisfied. Read and study the quotes and estimates so that everything is clear before you make a decision. Remember that you will spend quite a lot of money on your roof.

Don’t pay in full until the job is completely done. Roofing services require a small deposit but it should only be 25 percent or less of the total contract price. Have a copy of all the documents before paying in full.

(Image and excerpt from “10 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Roofer”)

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